Beaujolais Nouveau is a red wine from the Beaujolais wine region, which is sandwiched between Burgundy and the Rhone valley. The third Thursday of November is known as Beaujolais Nouveau day as at officially 12.01am on that day, the new vintage harvest Beaujolais is released to celebrate the end of harvest.

We're marking the occasion by offering 20% off three of our Beaujolais wines. 

What’s is all about?

It started out as a drink wine makers would make for themselves to celebrate the end of the harvest. Over time the early release wine gained popularity and started to pop up in local cafes and restaurants in the surrounding areas. It wasn’t long until the Parisians discovered the juicy, fruity wine and the race began as to who could deliver the early release harvest to Paris first each year.

Now there are over 35 million bottles produced, exported to over 110 countries worldwide. That might sound like a lot, but in reality, theses bottle don’t hang around for long and will only be sold for a very short limited time after Beaujolais Nouveau day.   

Does it taste any good?

The wine is made using Gamay grapes grown in Beaujolais and is bottled just 6-8 weeks after being harvested. The wine, as you would expect, tastes fresh, simple and zingy with high acidity and low tannins. Bursting with flavours of strawberry, raspberry, cranberry and bubblegum it’s a wine to be drunk now and is often enjoyed slightly chilled.

How is it celebrated?

It calls for a great celebration in the town of Beaujolais. Expect music, fireworks and street parties across all the villages. It might be a great marketing tool but it’s also a great excuse for celebrating everything we love about Beaujolais.

Want to get your hands on some Beaujolais?

There’s a lot more to the region than just Nouveau wine, take a look at our range of great Beaujolais‘s in our shop. For a limited time only, we're offering 20% our three favourite’s: 

2020 Morgon Cote Du Py, Jean Foillard - Was £36, Now £28.80

Foillard is one of the world's great winemakers and one of the key reasons that the Beaujolais currently enjoy the reputation it does. His Morgon Cote du Py is as pure an expression of Gamay as you can imagine. As always with Foillard's wines, the 2020 is impeccably balanced. Enjoy it lightly chilled with a porchetta sandwich. 


2021 Morgon Cote Du Py, JM Burgaud - Was £23.99, Now £19.19

Burgaud is one of the legends of the Beaujolais and it's little wonder. His Cote du Py is  one of the purest expressions of Gamay imaginable, drinking now but the underlying tannic structure will mean you can age this for a few years. Enjoy this bottle slightly below room temperature to get the most out of it.


2020 Morgon Classique, Jean Foillard - Was £25.00, Now £20

The Foillard name is synonymous with the Cru of Morgon in the Beaujolais. The Morgon Classique is packed full of bright red fruit and is the definition of drinkable. Serve this very slightly chilled and enjoy with impunity.



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