What is MARLO?

MARLO is an online retail concept created by the team at Richard Dawes Fine Wine, a traditional wine merchant with well over a decade of experience. MARLO aims to offer their followers and customers fine wines, available by the bottle and delivered to their door.

Does MARLO have a wine club?

Not yet – it’s on the cards! We plan to launch something interesting later in 2022, which will see exclusive offers and invitations to tastings for subscribers; there’ll also be a regular blog full of glorious insights!

How can I find out more information about a specific wine?

For any questions that you have about wines listed on or off the MARLO website, please don’t hesitate to email hello@marlo.wine and we’ll get right back to you.

Who curates the selection for MARLO?

MARLO’s selection will constantly evolve and will be sourced by the team behind Richard Dawes Fine Wine; who have a whole load of experience as fine wine traders and wine drinkers! They know their stuff and like to think they know what their mates, out of the trade like to drink too, ultimately the team want to offer wine that’s accessible and exciting.

How often does MARLO update its inventory?

All of the time, you snooze you lose. Follow @marlowine for all the latest updates!

What do I do if an item I want is out of stock?

If an item is out of stock, feel free to email us and we’ll keep you posted about future availability. (We keep a few our favourites to one side, so you never know - it might be your lucky day!) Shoot us a line to hello@marlo.wine and we’ll see what we can do!

I'm a winemaker and I'd like to see my wines carried by MARLO, who can I contact?

We are always open to meeting new producers keen on direct partnerships. Drop us some information to hello@marlo.wine

I have wines in my cellar that I no longer wish to drink, can I sell them to MARLO?

Yes, indeed! Please send over a list (and photos) to hello@marlo.wine and we’ll come right back with our best ‘cash bids’ for outright purchase.

What can I do if I'm interested in an item that MARLO doesn't yet offer?

Email and we’ll do our best to find you a decent alternative or look into the possibility of getting your wine on board hello@marlo.wine

What should I do for bulk orders?

Email us and we’ll try to make it happen; as it’s likely we can sort you out! hello@marlo.wine

Does MARLO have merchandise?

Not yet, but watch this space.

Does MARLO have gift cards?

We sure do, check out our Gift Cards online.


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