Marlo Meets has the pleasure of speaking to the co-founder of Della Vite, Chloe Delevingne. Alongside her sisters Cara and Poppy, Chloe had a vision to reinvent the world of Prosecco, capturing the untold story of its heritage. Their journey took them to the heart of Valdobbiadene in Northern Italy and from there Della Vite was born. 

We speak to Chloe about all things Della Vite, what the best dish to pair with it is, which restaurant the sisters would love to see it listed at and what ambitions they have for the future. 

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1. What are your favourite memories of drinking Prosecco, and how did they inspire you to create Della Vite?  

No matter where we are in the world or how small or big the celebration is, Prosecco is what we drink when we come together – it is a bit of a ritual for us and very much represents connecting and celebrating as sisters! It’s hard to pick one or two memories, it’s been a part of weddings, birthdays, family holidays, summer dinners with friends, or just stealing a moment for the three of us to catch up. 

We’d noticed there weren’t a lot of other Prosecco brands out there – people can’t name brands off the top of their heads in the same way they can with champagne, gin or tequila, so we saw an opportunity to change that and launch a brand that makes people think differently about the category. In the UK, we’ve always found that a lot of the Prosecco available isn’t great quality. We’d had some really amazing Proseccos in Italy and wanted to help share those and the story of Prosecco with the rest of the world.

2. What’s the best dish to pair alongside a glass of Della Vite? 

Our Della Vite Superiore DOCG Prosecco pairs perfectly with Parmesan shavings, Figs and Honey or Artichoke Hearts and Nocellera Olives if you’re looking for some nice ideas for canapés.

I’ve recently started using it in pasta sauce for a little extra flavour – and Poppy uses it in her roast chicken recipe. It’s great paired with food or as an ingredient.


3. Have you enjoyed the experience of creating your own brand, and would you do it again? 

 Definitely, it’s been so great to do it as sisters too – and see each other in work mode for the first time.

We had always spoken about going into business together, but we knew it had to be something that was meaningful to each of us, and we’re very much focused on Della Vite at the moment.

4. Which restaurant would you love to see Della Vite featured on the wine list? 

We are so proud of our list of restaurant stockists, especially as in the UK a lot of the industry have had a hugely difficult year. 

We secured a listing at the Fat Duck earlier in the year which was a big moment for us. There are a couple of restaurants who haven’t stocked Prosecco before tasting Della Vite and when we hear that feedback it is always really flattering. 

5. What ambitions do you have for Della Vite, and how do you hope it will impact the world of Prosecco?

We want Della Vite to change the way people think about the category. Prosecco is often seen as a poor cousin to Champagne, and not as a quality wine and we really think Della Vite can change that. 

We’re very much focusing on expanding in the UK and US market at the moment, but watch this space....


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