This week we speak to the team behind the beautiful sleeves and packaging that safely delivers every Marlo bottle to your door. Founded by Sam and Will Boex, Flexi-Hex has the sole aim of removing plastic from the packaging industry and raising awareness of the environmental threats currently facing the world.

Marlo are proud to use Flexi-Hex for our entire range, helping doing our bit towards a sustainable future. Aside from being plastic-free, recyclable, biodegradable and compostable, Flexi-hex packaging minimises the risk of breakages and looks absolutely stunning.

We speak to the Flexi-Hex team about what projects they have ongoing at the moment, what impact they've made on the environment so far and what they've got in store for the rest of 2021.

1.Tell us a bit about how Flexi-Hex started and what your mission is?

Flexi-Hex® started when our Founders, Sam and Will Boex, recognised the impact that single-use plastic was having on their local and the world’s marine environment. Their passion for surfing and a background in design pushed them to look at packaging solutions from a new perspective, with a vision to remove plastic from the packaging industry and raise awareness of the environmental threats currently facing our world.

2. It all started with surfboards - what made you think you think of developing Flexi-hex to protect bottles of wine?

After launching with the surfboard product, we quickly saw the potential in the adaptability of the sleeve and how it could be applied within a variety of industries. We worked closely with some well-known drinks brands to develop a bottle packaging solution specifically for the drinks industry that really took off, while other customers used the sleeves creatively to protect products ranging from candles and pottery to mirrors and chocolate Easter eggs. The UK drinks market remains our largest customer, generating some 80-90% of our revenue., and we are now hoping to expand into Europe and the USA.

3. How have you made an impact on the environment since launching?

To date, with the help of our customers, we have prevented over 1313km of plastic packaging from being used. This is equivalent to, as the crow flies, Porthleven to Lisbon. We are also making a conscious effort to reduce our carbon emissions and where we cannot make reductions, we are offsetting and contributing to rewilding projects with Mossy Earth, enabling us to be a carbon neutral company.

4. Has the Pandemic affected Flexi-Hex at all or has it been business as normal?

Since the onset of Covid-19, there has been a huge surge in e-commerce which has really accelerated our growth. At the start of lockdown 1.0, we decided to focus our attention on the drinks industry and reach out to breweries and distilleries that were now having to rely heavily on posting their products directly to consumers, as shops and restaurants were all closed. Luckily for us, our honeycomb sleeves and post-ready boxes were well received, and we now have over 300 wine and spirits brands using Flexi-Hex for their packaging.

5. If the Flexi-Hex team had to choose one bottle of wine to protect in one of their sleeves, what would it be?

As we come into summer and rosé season, it would probably have to be the 2020 Love by Léoube x Marlo. “Delicious strawberry and peach notes with a dry, herb-tinged finish” – sounds perfect for long picnic lunches on the beach.

6. Where is the ideal dinner location for the Flexi-Hex team?

Our office is located in Porthleven, South Cornwall – a beautiful harbour town, well-known for its amazing food scene. We are so lucky to have an array of amazing restaurants right on our doorstep, but The Mussel Shoal has recently become a firm favourite for team lunches and after-work drinks.

7. Surfboards, Wine, Phones - what's the next product you want to conquer?

Our latest Flexi-Hex Air range was designed with cosmetics in mind. Made in partnership with Seaman Paper, Flexi-Hex Air is a lightweight sleeve produced from FSC Certified tissue paper, that is recyclable and biodegradable. Available in four sizes and three colours, Flexi-Hex Air is a simple and beautiful packaging solution for protecting beauty products of all shapes and sizes including bottles, pumps, sprays, jars, tubes and compacts. We are now working hard to develop a range of outer packaging solutions that are suitable for retail and e-commerce, including a mini version of our popular Pinch Top box for bottles.

8. What does the rest of 2021 hold for Flexi-Hex? Any exciting plans in the pipeline?

Soon to be Planet Mark accredited, our goal is to become a certified B-Corp by the end of 2021. We are also excited to launch our end-to-end packaging solutions for cosmetics at the end of the summer.

Marlo are delighted to announce that we now feature in the 'Top 50 UK Wine Blogs' - Find the full list here.


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