It seems fitting on International Women's Day to celebrate Jane Anson. A revered wine critic, author, founder of janeanson.com and, in the words of John Stimpfig, "The world's most informed and accomplished expert on the wines of Bordeaux.” Anson is also famed for being the only journalist to taste a bottle of Petrus that had spent 14 months circumnavigating the earth on the International Space Station.

This week Marlo's Co- Founder Pip Dawes asks Jane Anson, a personal wine hero of Pip’s, a few choice questions in a bid to delve a little deeper into the mind of one of the most prolific women working in wine. 

Inside Bordeaux and Inside Burgundy books now wholly owned by their authors  - Jane Anson | Inside Bordeaux | janeanson.com

1. What is it about Bordeaux that you find so compelling?

The mix of history, economics and pleasure.

2. What advice would you give a wine novice starting their journey into Bordeaux?

To not be intimidated, and to seek out the producers who are innovating, and who want to make you feel welcome.

3. In your opinion, where is the most exciting wine producing region in the world right now?

Volcanic soils like Siciliy, where Etna wines are just so good. A ton of exciting projects in Spain also, and generally wine regions that are rediscovering indigenous grapes, and restoring old vines. 

Mount Etna has a new peak

4. What is your favourite period of Bordeaux history?

Always fascinated by Eleanor of Aquitaine.

5. Ski holiday or beach holiday?

Moutains, but walking not skiing. Or by the water, but lake rather than sea.

6. Do you still get excited about drinking wines when you are not writing about them?

Absolutely, because I try to be aware that if we are choosing to drink alcohol, it should be something that brings us joy, or we should pour it down the sink!

7. What is your favourite trashy novel?

I love The Summer Queen trilogy of books about Eleanor of Aquitaine. 

8. Is there a wine that has eluded you?

Meaning that I haven't tried? Many. Cheval Blanc 1947 maybe the obvious one.

9. What is your favourite restaurant in Bordeaux?

Bonne Mer, a fish restaurant at the end of my road.

10. Is there a region or period of wine making history that you haven’t written about yet that you have a burning desire to explore?

Georgia. I have got so close to going a number of times but never made it! 

11. If you could own one painting in the world, what would it be?

Nighthawk by Edward Hopper.

Edward Hopper's Nighthawks | John Myatt | Castle Fine Art

Image Credits: www.janeanson.com


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