This week we meet Iacopo, one of the three 'Smokin' Brothers' and master of the finest smoked salmon around. In conjunction with our biggest ever giveaway, we look to catch up with Iacopo and find out more about the Italian trio behind the Smokin' Brothers.

1. Tell us a little bit about The Smokin' Brothers and how you came together?

Smokin’ Brothers is about three friends and their passion for artisan food in London. I've known Vincenzo since we were 15 years old, and then met Alessandro when I arrived in London in 2017. We always lived under the same roof, and were very close friends. We feel like a family but are not properly blood brothers! London is a big city, and supporting each other was the only way to stand out from it. Vince and Ale spent a number of years gaining experience in a London-based smokehouse before Vincenzo decided to launch a Salmon Smokery, supported by the Daylesford Organic farm – we are still the only independent department of the group. A little while later, Alessandro began to work for the company, and then me after I completed a master's degree at UAL. That’s how in October 2018, Smokin’ Brothers were born.

2. What was your childhood dream?

The first childhood dream I have memory of was to became a chef. My Grandfather was a great chef and he owned the most popular pizza place of my home town back in the 80's. He sold it the same year I was born, so I just remember the stories he told me. In my dreams’ wallet there is still a page marked with a restaurant. Sooner or later it will happen!

3. Is there a book on your bedside at the moment?

Right now, I’m reading ’No rules rules: Netflix and the Culture of reinvention’. I’m fascinated by entrepreneurs that really changed the game, so I love to take inspiration from the best out there! It’s like having countless mentors.

4. What is the best gift you've ever received?

I don’t remember any particular material gift that blew my mind, apart a KTM I gifted to myself when I was 21. However, I don’t want to sound banal but to me the best gift I’ve ever received is being here right now. Nothing can compare to life!

5. Do you have an ideal last meal?

Difficult question for an Italian. If I have to choose right now it would be a complete southern Italy seafood dinner; raw fish starter, fresh sea urchin spaghetti and mixed fried fish. Plus lot's of Champagne bubbles.

6. Finally, what can we expect from The Smokin' Brothers in the coming months?

We have many projects placed on hold because of the current situation, in particular one that make us dream a lot! Unfortunately, it’s still top secret. But you’ll definitely start hearing about Smokin’ Brothers more around London; we've just started and didn’t put any limit to this adventure. The upcoming projects are retail expansion in London, UK and Italy and a terrific collaboration with great chefs in the London food scene. Stay tuned and follow our page to keep up with Smokin’ Brothers!


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