We’re stuck at home AGAIN. Another landmark celebration to be spent in the comfort of the same four walls.  After almost a year we are now getting pretty good at hosting our homemade soiree’s, and in fact some of us even prefer these paired back, more intimate celebrations to the all out PDA’s.

So what about Valentine’s Day? We’ve asked the absolute expert of all things ROMANCE, Georgie Evans, MD of The Wedding Present Company to share with us a little of her wisdom and how she thinks we can make February 14th 2021 every bit of an event at home.

 1. Our homes are now our offices, our schools, our gyms and supposedly our places of relaxation. Although with so much wear and tear many of us are getting sick of the sight of the same view day after day. What small steps can we take to set the scene for Valentine’s Day and transform the ordinary into something special?

We are big fans of laying a proper table for a proper celebration at home. Go all out! Plan a delicious 3 course meal and create a table scape to really wow. It’s much easier than you think.

 If you’ve got a second set of china and glassware, normally reserved for big family celebrations, now’s the time to dust it off. If (like most of us) it’s one set for every day and special occasions, don’t fret. The art of simply laying a table properly can make it feel incredibly special. Think side plates, knives and forks to accompany your usual dinnerware, water glasses, wine glasses, champagne glasses and, importantly, table linen. No paper napkins tonight please. 

Then simply add some elegant taper candles in complimentary colours to your linen or china and some beautiful flowers sporadically arranged in delicate bud vases. A bunch of flowers goes a long way when arranged like this. Try and consider different heights to create a big impact, different sized candle holders can help you here.

 2. Many sceptics brand Valentine’s Day commercial nonsense but this year we are all running on empty, we need to feel appreciated and momentarily lifted out of Groundhog Day.  If all out cheesy isn’t your thing, what can you do to show that you care without appearing to have had a personality transplant?

Historically, my husband and I are not big Valentines celebrators. However, like you said, this year we all need something to give us all a boost. Big presents and PDAs are not our thing, so we’ll likely just stick to a lovely card with a meaningful message. Often I find the art of a handwritten card is far more meaningful that a showy materialistic present.  

We have booked a really special 3 course meal from a local catering company to be delivered to the door. We’ll be hitting up Marlo for a really special bottle of wine to match the menu and I’ll be going to town with our table scape.

We’re planning a night of good food, good wine, good music, card games and chats – which for me sounds like the perfect way to celebrate.

 3. Perhaps this is the year that you planned to propose and the lockdown has scuppered your flash mob proposal in Paris. What genius way could you pop the question without losing any of the pizzazz?

Over the years I have heard so many wonderful engagement stories, but the ones that are often the most romantic are the ones that are the most meaningful. Think about what your partner loves the most and try and incorporate as many of these as you can into your plans.

All of our priorities have changed so much over the last year that perhaps a muddy walk at your favourite spot, with a bottle of Marlo’s finest in your bag, would be the perfect way to propose!

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Over the years, our friends Clare and Sarah at Doggart & Squash have built up fantastic relationships with high quality British suppliers to be able to create beautiful, exciting, seasonal menus using sustainable produce. 

This Valentines day, Doggart and Squash are bringing the romance to your door and offering a three course meal to be finished off at home. Find out more about it here. They are also kindly offering all Marlo customers 10% off any order on their site, using code D&S10

In the meantime, Clare and Sarah are kindly sharing a delicious recipe for Marlo customers to make at home; Beetroot Gin Cured Salmon. Pair it with a large glass of 2019 Sabalo, Barbadillo and you'll be in heaven - thank us later. 


Makes 10 Canapes


150g Salmon

1 Beetroot

1 Lime

25ml – Gin

75g – Maldon Salt

50g – Caster Sugar


1. Peel and grate the beetroot – put into a sieve, sprinkle with 1 tsp salt and leave for 1 hour.

2. After an hour squeeze the beetroot to drain out the liquid.

3. Mix the beetroot, lime zest, gin, salt and sugar.

4. Lay the Salmon in a tray with cling film underneath.

5. Cover with the mix.

6. Wrap tightly in the cling film.

7. Put another tray on top and a small weight in.

8. Leave in the fridge for 24hours – then move the cure and slice.

We recommend serving on a toasted tostada with horseradish crème fraiche and dill.

Image's 1-4: The Wedding Present Company
Image 5 & 6: Doggart And Squash

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