Today we meet Georgie Fenn, known for her incredibly successful wine blog, 'Wining Away The Weekend'. Georgie has kindly agreed to answer our quick-fire interview questions to kickstart our autumn blog series. With an exciting collaborative giveaway imminent, find out a bit more about the oenophile behind Wining Away The Weekend.


1. What was your childhood dream?

To be Lara Croft and raid all the Tombs. I used to go over to friends' houses and we would tape BB guns to our legs and run around pretending to find treasures. Spanish markets were so exciting because of all the BB guns; I remember every time we came home from holiday my poor parents would have all their luggage searched from my new stash of toy guns. Maybe I could become a cellar raider instead?

2. Classic French or New World wine?

I always find this question so hard. I love both for different reasons, and I need a bit of both in my life. It's all about balance!

3. Do you have a guilty pleasure?

A spoonful of Nutella in a glass of milk but I very rarely feel guilty about it. 

4. What is your ideal last meal?

There's very little that is ideal about a last meal but if I was on that unfortunate road then it would have to be escargot followed by the finest fillet steak. There would need to be some king prawns in there somewhere too. And a wine for each course. Plus a death-by-chocolate pudding, that would be a good way to go wouldn't it!

5. Is there a book by your bedside at the moment?

Yes, always. At the moment it is 'Where The Crawdads Sing' by Delia Owens.

6. Finally, tell us a bit about Wining Away The Weekend, and what you're up to at the moment.

It's really exciting at the minute as I've launched some wine inspired t-shirts. Have a look and buy one!

Georgie's t-shirts can be found here... 


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