2018 El Futuro No Está Escrito Cariñena, Bodegas Paniza

2018 El Futuro No Está Escrito Cariñena, Bodegas Paniza

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2018 El Futuro No Está Escrito Cariñena, Bodegas Paniza

Spain's favourite red grape variety is blended with a bit of Syrah to add some extra spice in this lovely red from Cariñena. The future may not be written but this juicy number could very well be your new house red.
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  • Grapes

    Tempranillo with syrah

  • Food Pairing

    Spaghetti and meatballs

Cariñena wine region may at first sound unfamiliar, but nestled between Barcelona and Madrid, this is the second oldest wine region in Spain where the famous Carignan grape originates from. Winemaking in the area dates to the Roman times, where it is reported that traditionally Cariñena wine was mixed with honey to make a delicious local beverage. These days Carignan tastes just as good on its own and the region produces a range of great varieties including Garnacha! Awarded DO status in 1932, this has the most plantings of old-vine Garnacha and Carignan giving their wine an elegant, pronounced character you'll want to sip on all afternoon.


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