2018 Gallardia Old Vine White, De Martino

2018 Gallardia Old Vine White, De Martino

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2018 Gallardia Old Vine White, De Martino


This unusual blend of muscatel and chasselas is a throwback to Chile's winemaking past. This dry white blend comes from vineyards planted over a century ago and is fermented in stainless steel before ageing in used oak. It is bright and fresh, perfect for carefree quaffing.

  • Region

    Itata Valley

  • Grapes

    Muscatel and Chasselas

  • Food Pairing

    Lobster brioche rolls

At the southern end of Chile lies a magical wine kingdom that goes by the name of Itata Valley. As one of the country’s oldest wine-growing regions, here is where wizardry pioneers of wine growing work closely with incredible old vines, ancient granite soils and unique grape varieties. Together with the enchanting cool Mediterranean climate, the wines from this valley are simply spellbinding. The unique landscape and wines this region produces is so captivating that there has been an influx of young winemakers flocking to the land, making this area even more exciting and highly anticipated.


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