2020 Cornas 'Granit 60', Vincent Paris

2020 Cornas 'Granit 60', Vincent Paris

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2020 Cornas 'Granit 60', Vincent Paris

The syrah from Cornas can sometime be a bit funky and old-fashioned but Vincent Paris is doing his best to rid this great Northern-Rhone appellation of this reputation. His efforts show the pure, fresh, clean side of Syrah. Lip-smackingly moreish and eminently drinkable, this is a real favourite at MARLO HQ.
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    Grilled lamb kebabs

The sun-drenched Rhone wine region is a key wine producing region in France, with over 30 different AOC appellations it is the second biggest appellation in France too, just behind Bordeaux. A wide variety of wine styles are produced here due to the expansive diversity of soils and climates that span over 150 miles - that's the same distance between London and Cardiff! The Rhone is split into two subregions, The Northern Rhone has a slightly cooler climate and is where you'll find Syrah as king, often blended with grape varietals such as Grenache and Mourvèdre. The Southern Rhone produces a large array of white and red varietals and is home to some of the most famous appellations in the world such as Chateauneuf-du-Pape.


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