We've joined forces with our friends at Pasta Evangelists to bring you the ultimate Valentine's dinner. We paired two of their delicious pasta dishes with Italian favourites from our range; whether it's Primitivo with Venetian Duck Ragu or Nebbiolo with Seafood Pappardelle, one of these two pairings will be sure to hit the spot. 

Pasta Evangelists bring a taste of Italy to your kitchen, using the freshest ingredients to create sumptuous pasta dishes every week. They are offering all Marlo customers 25% off their first delivery - just enter the code BLOG25 at the checkout. 

Pairing 1

Pappardelle Ricce, Seafood Ragu & Fresh Parsley - £18.90 for 2 
2018 Nebbiolo Valmaggiore, Sandrone - £30 
Nebbiolo varies depending on where it is grown and the winemaking choices. It is the primary grape used in Barolo and Barbaresco wines but is a red wine in its own right. However, it generally has high tannins and high acidity, making it a pleasurable wine to enjoy alongside food. This combo in particular, along with the characteristic rose, cherry, leather and anise notes present in Nebbiolo, will work very well with heavier sauces such as a meaty ragù. 


Pairing 2

Venetian Duck Ragu and Freshly Made Gnocchi - £13.50 for 2 
2019 Primitivo Di Puglia, A Mano - £13.50

Italian Primitivo wines almost exclusively come from Puglia, where Primitivo is the second most planted grape after Negroamaro. Primitivo is known as Zinfandel outside of Italy, where it is mostly found in California. Interestingly, the Primitivo grape originated in Croatia. Puglia's climate, with hot weather, nearly constant sunshine and cooling sea breezes, forms the perfect growing conditions for Primitivo.

This wine is characteristically medium-to full-bodied with moderate tannins and moderate acidity. This makes it an easy drinking wine and, as this is a very flavourful sauce, we recommend it for its strong tannins and intense black fruit notes.


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